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Breaking Boundaries

Kombucha is an ancient Chinese health elixir. The 'tea of immortality' exists  more than 2000 years. But we bring  this ancient drink to the next level!

Our basic recipes is made with only four ingredients; filtered water, organic tea, unrefined cane sugar and the kombucha culture also known as the SCOBY (a Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast) The SCOBY transforms the drink into a unique and refreshing probiotic drink. 

MANA Kombucha is refreshing and healthy! A beverage free of sugar (although it's made with sugar all the sugar is transformed during the fermentation proces) and packed with good stuff. The essence of the brew, is found in the combination of tea and a living kombucha culture. A naturally fizzy drink, with a distinct and elusive flavour. A subtle taste with class and refinement, hinting to champagne, or an ale, like cider.

And because we care as much about the environment as our health , we have developed a magic formula. Which allows us to store and transport our kombucha at room-temperature. Rather than refrigerate the whole proces. We do this without making concession in quality or living features of the kombucha. One of our secrets? There is no sugar (anymore) in our kombucha. As a result of this special recipe we have a 95% lower CO2 footprint than a traditional kombucha brewery :)

We offer three flavours. Holy ginger, Lean green & Red spirit. All Bursting with Life...!


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