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Lean green

'The original health elixir'

Kombucha Lean green

Lean green is based on the orginal Kombucha recipe. It has a natural spark and a fresh -slightly sour- flavour with a hint of honey. Prepared with organic green tea, unrefined cane sugar, honey and filtered water. A delicious low-calorie drink without any additives. That’s it: Lean and Green.


Holy ginger


Cold pressed ginger/


MANA Kombucha Holy ginger

Powerful and packed with antioxidants and probiotics. Due to the cold extraction process the freshness of ginger tastes delicious in this Kombucha brew. Other than the well-known drinks: the more you drink, the better you feel :-) Enjoy...


Red spirit 2.0


Rooibos tea/

2% alcohol. 

MANA Kombucha Red spirit

This pure, bold version of Kombucha tastes like white beer! Fresh and spicy. Made with filtered water, Rooibos tea, unrefined cane sugar. The 2% alcohol develops during the natural fermentation process. Enjoy Red Spirit around cocktail hour, while going out or at a bustling party. 100 ml contains less than 0.2 grams of sugar and only 11kcal. Cheers!